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Admo Kitchens Design Tool

What do you need before you use the Design Tool?

Step 1: Room Dimensions:

The Admo Kitchens Design Tool will require you to input your room dimensions for it to create a reconstruction of your kitchen space, so it is helpful to have these in advance of starting. The measurements you will need include the height from floor to ceiling, the distance between all walls, and where all doors, windows, radiators, electrics and plumbing are.

Step 2: Choose your room shape

1. Choose you room shape from the menu on the left. (NB. Please note this is your room shape, and not the shape of your existing kitchen!)

2. If you cannot see a room shape that matches yours then click on the ‘Custom’ icon. This will create a blank canvas on which you can use the cursor to draw an outline of your room and then alter to suit your dimensions.

Admo Kitchens Design Tool
Use Admo design tool to plan your luxury German kitchen installation.

1. The Design Tool is an easy to use piece of design software

2. Recreate your existing kitchen space to trial different layouts of furniture, features and connections

3. Input accurate measurements to ensure all of your choices will fit the space

4. Easy-to-use interface lets you add or take out options at the click of a button

5. Detailed instructions below

Launch the Design Tool