Waterfall Worktop Design

Waterfall Worktop design

Worktops are at the forefront of your kitchen, determining the colour and texture can change the feel of your kitchen. Worktops come in a variety of materials and colours from Granite to Quarts and black to white. Traditional Worktops come as a 30mm but modern worktops now can come as thin as 10mm. Hygiene and cleaning are frequently asked questions that different worktops have different answers to, for example, grained wooden worktops are harder to clean but are naturally hygienic whereas Granite and Quarts worktops are both easy to clean as they are smooth with no ridges and are the most hygienic materials available for worktops.

Waterfall worktops are newly designed worktops that form the illusion of the worktop overflowing and falling off the edge of the unit. This design is gaining popularity as it is stylish and fairly cheap depending on the material you use. Double Waterfall Worktops are where they fall on both sides which looks orderly and symmetrical forming a neat and clean feeling when entering the kitchen. As any other worktop, the come in many textures, sizes and colours.

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